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10k's Acne Bootcamp Approach

because to cure acne requires more than just a cream in a jar.

Have you tried everything under the sun to get rid of acne? Things like accutane, proactiv, or prescriptions from your dermatologist and nothing has worked?

I bet you're feeling like its pretty hopeless and you're just about ready to throw in the towel, amirite?

Well, don't give up yet! 

My Acne Bootcamp was made for people just like you! 

Based on the revolutionary research of Dr. James E. Fulton, the nation's top dermatologist specializing in acne, our Acne Bootcamp has 90% success rate in clearing acne.

YES! 9 out of 10 people who sign up get clear skin!

AND, best of all, you don't have to take prescription medication or figure out what products to use on your skin or try some mumbo jumbo drinking apple cider vinegar tea naked under the full moon with your feet in a pool of salt water!

You see, acne is more than just a skin deep issue and you NEED to make some serious lifestyle, diet, and mindset changes in order to get clear skin, which is ONE reason why most acne products don't work.

They don't treat the WHOLE YOU!

There are 6 different types of acne and 4 skin disorders that mimic acne and each requires a different approach to get clear.

What are the odds that acne kit will actually get you clear?


So, what does the Acne Bootcamp entail?

All you have to do is make some lifestyle and diet changes, follow our custom routine for your skin, and come in for a one hour facial every two weeks for 3 months.

Yupp, that's it.

Easy peasy, right?

But, I'm gonna get real with you.

You MUST be committed to getting clear.

You MUST do everything I tell you to do.

You MUST make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle.

You MUST follow my instructions and trust in the process.

You see, our focus during our work together is to get the acne on and under your skin to heal and clear as soon as possible, and prevent new pimples from forming.  

BUT, acne will not be cured overnight.  It is a process and I'm ready to help you get your skin finally clear and free of acne if you're ready for it too, because we treat you; not just the acne on your skin.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Stop wasting time and money on medication and products that don't work.

Stop trying to figure it out on your own.

Did you even know there are 5 different types of acne, 4 skin disorders that mimic acne, and they ALL require a different approach to clear?

Not only do you get a custom skincare plan to treat YOUR type of acne, you'll also discover internal triggers that are creating acne on your skin and how to combat them.

Sign up to get 7 ways to take control of your acne today: an info pack on lifestyle acne triggers.

 Then come in and see us today to get free of acne now!  

(Please note that the Acne Bootcamp is not an organic service. Let me explain.  Sometimes, when we're sick, as much as we want our bottle of frankincense oil to cure us, there's a time when we have to suck it up and get a prescription for antibiotics from the doctor. That's how I treat acne.  This is a simple easy system that works FAST if you do everything I tell you to. I've gotten people clear in as little as 2 weeks, but the average is only 3 months. Imagine finally getting clear skin in just 3 months after struggling with acne for years! No redness. No irritation. No painful raw angry skin. Ever. After being clear for 6 months, I'll begin to taper you off this line and onto an organic one.)

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